WeightWatchers® Program

The WeightWatchers of Greater Mississippi, Southern Alabama and Florida Panhandle community is here to help you live the life you love and lose the weight you want. Learn how the WeightWatchers program can help you reach your weight loss and healthy living goals.

Your Points® Budget is one-of-a-kind and will guide you toward a healthier eating pattern so you'll lose the weight you want and feel good doing it. With personal customization, we’ll design a food plan that ensures healthy, lasting, totally livable weight loss truly created just for YOU!

  • After joining WeightWatchers, you’ll get a customized daily Points Budget based on your current height, weight, age, and sex.
  • Your daily Points Budget is yours to spend. How you spend is up to you. No food, event, or celebration is off-limits. And if you run out of Points? That’s where ZeroPoint™ foods come in—they’re nutritional powerhouses you can eat anytime without tracking or measuring.
  • Our comprehensive app is included with all WeightWatchers memberships. This tool provides access to your customized plan and Points Budget; food, water, activity, sleep, and weight trackers (plus blood sugar tracking for those on our diabetes-tailored plan); grocery shopping barcode scanner; 12,000+ recipes; a restaurant database; and on-demand workouts for all levels.
  • When we say we have your back, we mean it. Need advice, have questions, or want extra encouragement? Tap into the power of in-person Workshops. Losing weight isn't a solo journey. Our Premium membership provides the support you deserve with face-to-face accountability, science-backed tips, and our digital app.

There’s never been a better time to join or come back today!