people enjoying a WW In the Workplace Workshop

A healthy investment.

Reduce your healthcare costs and increase employee productivity with America's trusted name in weight loss.

More than two-thirds of American adults are overweight, more than one-third are considered to be obese, and you can be assured they are on your payroll. Overweight employees result in higher healthcare costs and lost productivity due to absenteeism.

Bring WW to your workplace.

For over 35 years, WW has provided companies throughout the Greater Mississippi, Southern Alabama and the Florida Panhandle area and across the U.S. with valuable assistance in improving employee health and well-being.

WW In the Workplace Workshops are held at the worksite. A minimum number of employees must be enrolled, but often, separate companies pool their interested employees within an office park or building.

Convenient and efficient.

Workshops tap into the power of group support. Onsite Workshops create a community within your workforce that benefits both your company and your employees—and ultimately the employees' families. A weekly 30- to 45-minute Workshop held during the workday (or before or after work) makes In the Workplace Workshops cost efficient, time efficient, and convenient.

Millions of participants have lost weight with WW in our over 50-year history, and the WW approach has stood the test of time as being a safe, nutritionally sound approach to good health and sustainable weight loss.

Trained Wellness Coaches.

Once your company commits to an In the Workplace Workshop and recruits participants, WW provides specially trained Wellness Coaches who are successful role models, to stimulate discussion and inspire life changing results. Your task is to decide on popular Workshop times and locate an available space for your onsite Workshops. WW helps you publicize the Workshops and recruit attendees who are ready to make a lifestyle change.

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