Success story

Cindy – Celebrating victories on and off the scale!

By Cindy F., Writer and Staff

Growing up, I was always the tall skinny kid. I could eat anything and everything I wanted and not gain an ounce. I never experienced the health issues and bullying that some of my heavier friends did. I quite honestly never gave it a thought until I got older.

In my late 20s and early 30s, my weight began to creep up. I had gained 50 pounds with each of my two pregnancies, and, of course, not all of the 50 pounds left after my babies were born. It was during my last trimester with my second child that I decided to join WW and get control of my life and weight.

When my daughter was three weeks old, we attended our first WW Workshop together. Over the course of a few months, I lost 35 pounds and felt fantastic, and then I did what so many others have done … I quit going to my Workshops. I thought I had the problem solved.

Over the course of the next 20+ years, I joined WW an additional 4 times. Each time I would lose enough weight to get comfortable in my own skin and then stop tracking and going to the Workshops.

Naturally, all the weight I had lost would come back with a few additional pounds added on. I was uncomfortable, depressed, and angry at myself. I couldn’t stand to look in a mirror or go shopping for clothes.

The fifth and last time I joined WW was in 2014. My children were grown and gone, and I knew it was time for me to take care of me. I followed the program completely by tracking my food and attending Workshops every week. Guess what – it worked. On my fifth attempt, I lost 60 pounds. From my highest weight ever, I have lost a total of 80 pounds.

Losing weight isn’t just about what the scale says. It’s about those smaller non-scale victories like being able to cross my legs, fitting into an airline seat comfortably, and being able to bend over and tie my shoes while still breathing!

Quite honestly, WW gave me my life back. I have tons of energy, and my health has never been better. Not only that, it gave me a job! I now work as a WW Wellness Guide, which not only helps keep me accountable but gives me the opportunity to help other people to be successful on their weight loss journey.