Get your workout in while on vacation

Increase your daily physical activity while on vacation with a few of these suggestions, and you'll find that moving a little bit more isn't as hard as you think.

Ocean Moves

The possibilities for aquatic exercise at the beach are nearly limitless: swimming, bodysurfing, boogie-boarding, surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, snorkeling and waist-deep water walking.

Sand Solutions

Want to stay dry? Grab some buckets and shovels; get to work on building a large sand castle or sculpture. All of that digging and scooping will give your arms a great workout. Make friends with your beach blanket neighbors and organize a game of beach volleyball, football or paddleball.

Give Your Car A Vacation

Turn an ice cream excursion into walk with the family. Walk to a store to pick up groceries and snacks. Visit a nearby playground with your children and push them on the swings or do pull-ups on the bars.

Keep Going

Set mini-activity goals for yourself and try to take advantage of every opportunity to move. Use excuses like "I have to go to the mailbox," or "I need to visit the ATM" as motivation to enjoy some fresh air and walk. Change your mindset about necessary chores being something you have to do, and turn life's odd jobs into healthier lifestyle choices.

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