Before and after WW

Making Freestyle work for her

Written by Dolly K., Staff

When asked to share my Weight Watchers journey in writing, I was honored. My story actually started before I was born. My mother was told that she was either going to have twins or a very large baby. Being the 1950s, there were no sonograms.

The last 3 months of pregnancy she was on strict bed rest. There was another woman from our area who was told the same thing. She had twin boys, and my mom had me: all 11 pounds and 3 ounces of me. It is a wonder that I have younger siblings. Growing up, I was the “chubby” girl who had to get “chubby girl” clothes from Sears. I absolutely hate that term to this day.

“When I am out walking, I no longer waddle.”

I joined Weight Watchers on August 2, 2017 when I heard two of my friends had joined. I wore a size 22/24 jeans and 2x tops, and I remember being horrified at my photo from a cruise to the Caribbean in February of 2017. Thus far I have lost 13.5 inches on my waist. Now I can look at myself in a full-length mirror without hating what I see.

When I am out walking, I no longer waddle. The compliments that I received throughout this journey took some getting used to hearing. Hearing, “You are looking so good,” and, “You are my inspiration,” makes me feel pretty good inside. I am retired and sixty years old, so even though I am older, I have been able to lose the weight.

“I get to choose what I eat.”

I like to be in control; it is one of my many faults, but Weight Watchers has allowed me that control over my eating. I get to choose what I eat. I can have absolutely anything that I want with a little planning. The Weight Watchers app enables me track the food I love, plan meals, and play around with recipes. I like to take a meal or recipe to see how I can make it healthier and Weight Watchers friendly.

For example, I make my own bolognaise sauce. I use the soy “crumbles” instead of beef. The crushed tomatoes, puree, and tomato sauce with the spices are all zero points. The crumbles only add 1 point per serving. On days when I need to watch my points because I was out with the girls for lunch or I want a slice of garlic bread with dinner, I will make myself some zoodles to cut down on points. If I have the points, I have a cup of pasta.

“I enjoy going to the meetings.”

We eat out every week at a Mexican restaurant with friends. Rather than using all my points on tortilla chips, I take a bag of the Popped Hummus chips to have with the salsa. Now, another friend who has also joined Weight Watchers is doing the same. I choose to have their grilled chicken breast and salad, and I take my own dressing which is a fraction of what the restaurant’s dressing would be, and I can have a glass of wine. I do not feel deprived. I feel empowered.

I enjoy going to the meetings. They have kept me inspired. As Sally, our leader, says, “Sometimes you need the meeting, and sometimes the meeting needs you.” There have been weeks where I really needed the meeting, and I hope some weeks the meeting has needed me and that I was able to encourage someone.