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Walk your way.

Although it’s not considered a killer workout like, say, P90X or spinning, research shows that walking is still an awesome form of exercise and can lower your risk of dangerous conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

So, get ready and lace up your sneakers! Whether you’re just starting out or are eager to ramp up or are advanced trekker aiming for longer distance challenges, we’ve got the perfect plan for you!

  • Set mini goals. Sign up for a charity walk in your area or challenge yourself to walk an additional block each week
  • Reserve the time. Block out your walking time in your calendar so it becomes a priority.
  • Create a rewards system. Hang a chart on your fridge and log your walks. After six jaunts, reward yourself: download a few walking tunes, get a manicure, or buy a new walking outfit.
  • Make an investment. If you spend some money, you’ll be more likely to walk. Purchase a pair of sneakers, or join a gym for the winter months and walk on the treadmill.