Healthy Tip
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Take a walk.

You can’t beat your own two feet! Walking can be a simple, super-accessible way to lose weight, especially if your lifestyle keeps you chained to a desk or your car. It is free, easy, and effective at helping you keep weight off. But wait, there’s more! Like any physical activity, walking is good for your heart, your health, and your spirits. Getting outside boosts your mood, too

A few pointers:

  • Make it fun-listen to music, a podcast, or an audiobook, try a different route each day, and guess how many steps it’ll take to get to the next tree.
  • Start at whatever pace and length of time you’re comfortable with, even if it’s walking down to the mailbox and back.
  • Invest in comfortable shoes-supportive, cushioned, and roomy in the toe box. It’s worth it to be fitted properly in a sports footwear store.
  • And while you’re at it, wear non-restrictive clothing that has some stretch it’s easier to move and it’ll put you in an “active” mindset.
  • Walk with a friend- even a four-legged one.